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At PsyAxon, We revolutionize child development assessment by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to observe and analyze growth patterns in children

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Parents and Therapists


Parents and therapists often struggle with concerns related to obtaining accurate and scientific reports on a child’s development during their early years of life in kindergartens and child care centers. This lack of comprehensive insights may lead to uncertainty about the child’s progress and well-being, leaving them seeking a reliable solution. PSYAXON aims to address these concerns by offering a pioneering approach that utilizes AI and psychology to provide valuable and meaningful metrics, allowing parents and therapists to gain deeper insights into various aspects of a child’s growth and development.

How Psyaxon mitigate parents’ concerns

Parents will know about their kids’ Social Cognitive Physical Communication development

In child care centers, kindergartens and schools

Self-esteem Level

With AI-based analysis of kids’ actions in kindergarten, PSYAXON uncovers insights into their self-esteem, empowering caregivers to foster positive self-worth.

Self-Confidence Level

PSYAXON utilizes AI to assess kids’ confidence during kindergarten activities, enabling parents and therapists to identify and nurture their self-assurance for personal growth

Anxiety & Fear Level

PSYAXON’s innovative AI-driven approach observes and measures kids’ responses to kindergarten activities, providing accurate insights into their anxiety and fear levels, fostering healthy emotional development

Problem Solving Level

PSYAXON’s AI-powered assessment of kids’ problem-solving abilities in kindergarten activities delivers valuable data for parents and therapists to nurture critical thinking skills.

Communication Skill Level

Utilizing AI, PSYAXON analyzes kids’ communication patterns during kindergarten activities, providing valuable insights to enhance their communication skills and social interactions.

Emotional Expressing Level

PSYAXON’s AI-driven approach observes kids’ emotional expressions in kindergarten, helping parents and therapists understand their feelings and support emotional development effectively

How Genetic data can enrich Psyaxon’s final report

By merging genetic data with the comprehensive report generated by PsyAxon’s platform, therapists and psychologists gain a multifaceted view of each child’s development. This integration can potentially help identify genetic predispositions to certain behaviors, enabling early intervention and tailored approaches for enhancing psychological well-being. This holistic view acts as an assistant to therapists, providing them with deeper insights into the unique needs and potentials of each child

The Psychological And Emotional Impacts Of Child Malnutrition:

Our Team

Baharak Eslami

Baharak Eslami


As a driven and innovative professional, I am passionate about making a positive impact on children’s lives through my role as CEO and CMO of PsyAxon startup. With a background in Psychology and experience founding a nature school for kids, I possess a unique blend of expertise in child development and business acumen

Yalda Mahmoudi

Yalda Mahmoudi

Software Programmer, CTO

As a seasoned IT professional with a passion for innovation, I am excited to be the CTO of PsyAxon startup. With a rich background in software programming, full-stack development, and AI expertise, I bring a wealth of technical knowledge to the team

Rezvan Yousefi

Rezvan Yousefi

Psychologist, PM

As a psychologist and play therapist, my passion lies in nurturing children’s growth and well-being. With extensive experience in therapy and consulting for kindergartens, I am thrilled to be a part of PsyAxon, where our vision aligns perfectly

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